Artist Statement.

I am an illustrator who is currently in the final year of a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree. I specialize in illustration, currently book illustration. As-well as illustrating the books I like to hand bind the books myself. My current work is based on the Myths and Legends of Iceland, I found the stories very interesting after a visit to Iceland in October of last year. I have chosen two stories, one is Kolbeinn and the Devil and the other the Seal Skin. With these I chose to make 3D models of all the characters first then use some reference photographs for the more difficult poses. I also use all the photographs that I took of the landscape while out in Iceland as a reference for my work. I prefer to use inks, and use stippling as the method of shading. I use a bright flash of colour in the work but not all over. I want the audience to want to look through my images to see what happens next in the story, to capture their imagination to want to find out what happens next. I have been researching into many artists throughout my BA course, and the one that has the most reference to my current work is Gustave Dore, especially his work on Dante’s Inferno.