Spain Arts Residency : Day 5,6 & 7.

This is a log of what I had wrote down in my sketchbook everyday whilst on the residency. Spain Arts Residency: Joya: Arte & Ecologia, Los Gazques.


DAY 5: Wednesday 26th April.

Body’s aching from yesterday so todays a studio day. Need to experiment with bigger drawings: be more free. Intrigued by the shell at the top of the mountain, im guessing that the birds drop it on the rocks to get the insects out and that’s why I found a fragmented piece. Any way of weaving this Sparta grass I wonder?. Managed to get stung by a bee or wasp, right on the knuckle so my hands now twice the size..had to be the hand I draw with!. Better mood than yesterday = more productive day. Really want to start making some pieces on the shell I found. Need to stop drawing the poppies, its been everyday since getting here. Unsure which pieces to make large.

Took the goat: Foofoo and the dog : Max for a walk today!

So this evening/night was a bit odd…. we all shouted at the hills to hear the echo and reverberation. It was incredible, the longest it lasted was about 9 seconds, we tried different pitches to see the difference. And then we all lied down looking at the stars with our feet up in the air so Miranda could take a picture. We were walking on the stars.. And then! Hannah told us to stick our head in a cement mixer because that’s “where the bees sleep!”… there was no bees just a phone recording, but the sound was incredible when you stuck your head in!.

Beer in the pub in town is 1 euro… its great!

Day 6: Thursday 27th April.

ITS RAINING!!!! Going to see the cave paintings today was cancelled because of the weather, which was really bad in the night, making our adventure too dangerous. Need to tell Miranda what we are doing for the exhibition tomorrow…Obviously my wall. Woad pressed really well! Did quite a lot on the wall again today.. but still feel like I haven’t quite done enough yet..

Fragmented, line, map, hardy, hill, mountain, stone, strong, clay, mud, dirt, environment, fascination, repetition, shell, tree, twig, natural, beauty, perfection, freedom

The song: SONG OF EXILE (WE WILL GO HOME) comes to mind when creating this piece of work.


DAY 7: Friday 28th April.

Lots and lots of rain!! I think ive finished my wall… I don’t have the energy to carry on with it I haven’t covered the whole wall but im sure how much I have done is some sort of an achievement, its a lot of work! I think its become too much about filling the wall and loosing sight of the development of the artwork itself. Its definitely become more about the objects than the walks themselves, I haven’t done any scientific research only dictionary definitions.

The Critique I received: Good, positive. Should have a clearer sense of purpose – direction documenting & archival feel beautiful get out of thinking about modules of university I am a fine artists multi disciplinary is it a wall of beautiful things? It could go so much further.

Most weird & said phrases of the week:
Chris: Cave paintings in the 60s Molly: Marmites good for a comedown Helen: Dear all fuck off Miranda: Become the almond tree Hannah: Oh my balls, can I have a smoke Jennifer: Im scared! Moira: Holden can you help me with this? Milk Holden: 10 dollar hoa HAHAHA Verronica: Where’s my white wine.. Maddie: Mate.. But where’s my wine.. Ray: It’s a me mario, ima scared, I no like it Jenni: Here’s my wall..i need to finish it Alysia: Onwards and upwards.. Juicy


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