Spain Arts Residency: Day 3 & 4.

This is a log of what I had wrote down in my sketchbook everyday whilst on the residency.
Spain Arts Residency: Joya: Arte & Ecologia, Los Gazques.

Day 3: Monday 24th April.

FOSSIL HUNTING!! Today we went fossil hunting down the berraca. Found lots of different fossils of different sizes, they were mainly of plants and shrubs but some look like actual bones. Didn’t find any ‘perfect’ ones. ALso found a lot of flint, would really like to try and carve something out of it, maybe an arrow head. Brought back lots of interesting rocks too, many of them with starnge markings and colours but also textures an patterns. It was a beautiful walk down the berraca, didn’t follow it all the way down as it was too hot, but managed to get to a really steep point that you would have to jump quite far to get down to the rest.

REALLY WANT TO MAKE WOAD!!! Researched into it and don’t think id have the time & equipment to do it here so definatley going to grow it back home and use it in my future work.

PROJECT SO FAR: definitely into the idea of preserving things, using the fossils.
interested in how dry the landscape is but still things are able to grow,
use the clay/mud in some way?
how fragile everything is = also very interesting.

So the idea that every action has a reaction and a consequence…
Decided to do dictionary definitions of words and thoughts that came into my head n the wall to back up the drawings.
flowers, delicate, fragile, dry, colourful, nature, ephemeral, dying, preserving, water, crumbling, cracking, erosion, layers, fossils, green, white, bright, yellow, woad, action, reaction, consequence, clay, mud, dirt, dust, environment, decay.

DAY 4: Tuesday 25th April.

Lots of progress on the wall so far….
The flowers I pressed came out really well, now pressing woad.
Today I climbed a huge mountain that you can see from the studio window. We did it in around 45 mins, you could feel how high we were getting as we were starting to get really out of breath. It was very steep and there were lots of rocks to climb over.
I was having a fed up day, that’s why I went out and I’m so very glad I did.
Feeling very refreshed but now just very hot!
The views are beautiful, everything seems so small compared to the rest of the world.

Todays my critique day: told to be more free and experiment with larger scale.

PROJECT SO FAR: Walls looking fuller. The words and definitions add an extra something. Need to do more drawings on the fossils.

Today I brought back : A very dry bit of tree, very hardy Sparta grass from the top of the mountain, Small part of a shell, Some small purple flowers… all of which were near to or at the top of the mountain.

There are lots of birds and different types of butterflies at the top of the mountain: blues, yellows, white & black stripes.



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