Spain Arts Residency: Day 1 & 2.

This is a log of what I had wrote down in my sketchbook everyday whilst on the residency.
Spain Arts Residency: Joya: Arte & Ecologia, Los Gazques.

DAY 1! Saturday 22nd April.

Travel, travel, travel… Up at 6.00 car up to Aberystwyth to get the 8:30 train, train was cancelled had to wait an extra hour for the next one. Arrived at Birmingham around 1 something, we then took the shuttle straight to the airport where we checked in & got rid of our bags. We had some time to kill in the airport so we nosed around a bit, I had the best smoothie I have ever tasted, it was strawberry, banana and vanilla milk: it was called the power shake. Next it was a 2 ½ hour flight to Alicante with an hour wait for the mini bus to show up. Then it was a 3ish hour drive to where we were staying. The bus got stuck about 5 mins from the house, and the bus had to wait hours at the house for it to get towed away, the driver was very upset and thought he was going to lose his job.
Our evening meal was paella along with some beer & wine, it was all cooked and waiting for us to arrive. It was a very long day and I didn’t get to bed until around 2 in the morning.
Being back on the residency and in the house brought back many a fond memory of the last time I was there, and the realisation of how I had missed the place started sinking in.
We had the water talk that evening: Think about your water usage. Don’t waste anything. When the water comes out of the shower, collect it in the buckets. All water is re used and recycled. Waste water goes through filters and is used for watering the trees, shower water is for the garden & washing clothes. If we run out of water it has to be shipped in with a massive lorry, it’s very expensive. Everything around the house collects the rain water to reuse. Nothing goes to waste.

DAY 2! Sunday 23rd April

Awoken suddenly by Miranda’s whistle!. The rotas for cooking, washing up and making dinner were sorted. A list of food was made because it was market day. Dinner was to be at roughly 7, then we would critique 3 people afterwards 20mins each.
The view from the studio is amazing, it is truly inspiring, thinking about claiming the biggest wall in the studio for my project.
Went for a walk around the grounds of the house, and walked all around the water catchment system.
I have learnt from last time, that masking tape does not hold things to that wall for a week so instead brought along electrical tape.
Walked around the house & grounds, what really stood out first was the vibrant colours of the flowers, and how many different ones there are.
Picked a few different types & colours on the walk.
Started chasing  bugs around to take photos. The insects are massive but i noticed that the crickets vary from tiny to very large.
There were so many types of butterflies around.
Videoed some ants walking back and forth in a line, again there are so many of them around.
Kept finding skulls dotted around everywhere, very interesting. The lines, shapes & textures.
BIRD SONG = INCREDIBLE! . But very difficult to actually see/find the birds.
Nature = very fascinating.
Its so very dry outside I’m amazed that the nature/wildlife an thrive here.
May use mud to paint/ink/watercolour if can get into a paste.
The idea of preserving something – came from trying to put a dandelion (seeds) in my camera bag = went everywhere.
May add a dandelion everyday to see how long it lasts.


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