Iceland Trip: Day 5 & 6

October/November 2016.

Day 5:

Today we woke up later than usual and spent the day walking and adventuring around Reykjavik. The weather wasn’t to great all day.
First we stopped off at the Sun Voyager, which is a steel sculpture made by Jon Gunnar Arnson, and it looks like a Viking ship but it is actually a dream boat an ode to the sun, we sat here for a little while admiring the view across the water and watching all the different birds swim about.
We followed the coast around and headed toward the Aurora Centre. Well worth the visit, learnt alot & its well thought out. Afterwards we were welcomed to sit and have a tea/coffee and try on their virtual reality headsets, this was amazing and they used beautiful landscapes with the Aurora Borealis overhead. When walking towards the door we saw a massive map of the world with lots of pins in it to pin point where all their visitors had come from. Wonderfull idea.
As we walked around the town you notice how much graffitti is around the city, and most of the pieces are beautiful. They are so well done, really did make me wonder how its possible to do such huge pieces of art work.
We carried on walking around the town browsing the shops, we found more Viking museums, a penis museum, volcano museum and lots of other places too. My biggest regret was not going into any art galleries, I really missed out on an opportunity there.

Day 6:

Day 6 was hectic, it was the day we travelled home, we left the hotel at half 5 in the morning, We needed to drop off the hire car before checking in at the airport. Our flight left Keflavik at 8 in the morning. We watched the sun rise on our way back to Manchester, and from there we had a 4/5 hour drive back to home.

It was a really enjoyable adventure & I felt that I learnt alot while over in Iceland. I would definitley do it again if I had the chance, but next time maybe follow the Ring Road around the whole of Iceland.


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