Iceland Trip: Day 4.


October/November 2016.

ADVENTURE DAAAAY! & Northern Lights Tour. This day was one of the best days ive ever had, we had brilliant sunshine but could still see the snow on the mountains, it was beautiful.

Today is the day we planned our own random road trip from Reykjavik down as far as Vik. We got into the car and headed in a rough direction following some directions I had written down from google maps. We had to time the trip so we knew we could get back in time for the Reykjavik Excurssions Northern Lights Tour.

Firstly we stopped at Seljalandfoss, which is a waterfall that you can walk behind. The Icelandic term for waterfall is “foss”. It is 65 m tall. You can spot the waterfall from the road when you get near. I was mesmerised by this waterfall, I had never been behind one before and I was getting more and more excited as I got closer and walked up the pathway.

And then back in the car and on to Seljavallalaug Geothermal Pool. This is one of the hidden gems of Iceland. It is one of the oldest Geothermal pools of Iceland, built in 1923, and was the first to be used for swimming lessons. It is very close to Eyjafjallajoukull volcano/glacier. It is hidden away in the valley and you have a short walk to get to the pool from the car park, took us around 15-20 minutes, you have to cross over a waterfall which can be abit tricky as I found out nearly ending up in the water! but you can see it once youve crossed over that bit. We could see the hot water coming down off the mountain into the pool and the further to the other end of the pool you got it was very cold!. For any adventurers this is a brilliant place to go, although getting out and changed was very cold! Magical place to sit and look at the landscape.

Next to Skogafoss is 60 m tall and 25 m wide, with a staircase leading all the way to the top at the side of the waterfall. You could hear the rush of the water before even getting close to the powerfull waterfall. It is said that you can find a chest of golden treasures behind the waterfall which stems back to around 900 AD with the Viking settlers at Skogar.

And then we headed further down the road to Vik. The Seals Skin story which I am illustrating this year supposedly took place at the black beaches we visited. The sand was absoloutley beautiful and we watched the sun go down on the beach. The volcanic sand is pure black, with some little red and white stones dotted around, The waves were quite wild, and we had to run away from them a few times. Vik is in the national geopark of Katla, and that is named after the Katla subglacial volcano which lies dormant 600m underneath the ice.

Afterwards we headed back and had around half an hour in the hotel before the pick up for the Reykjavik Excurssions Northern Lights Hunt. We had been trying to see the northern lights since night 2, but the weather and storms stopped us. We did manage to see a glimpse through the cloud cover, but the camera could see it more than the eye. It was still a wonderfull experience and I now understand why people go chasing after the Northern Lights or  the Aurora Borealis.



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