Exhibitions: School of Art Aberystwyth.

Today I had a look around at the current exhibitions at the School of Art Aberystwyth.
Firstly I had a look at :
From The Life Room : Art School Figure Drawings and Studies Since 1800.

I find life drawings very fascinating to look at, although we are all drawing the same person at the same time, the outcomes vary a huge amount. I like to see other peoples techniques and how they use/apply their materials/medias of choice.

These are two of the images that stood out to me in the exhibition. The one on the right caught my eye because of the rusty type colour but also because rather than being a whole body it is a detail of part of the person. The face was more detailed and the lines harder and the rest of his body seemed to fade out. The one on the left is a drawing of a standing life model in ink from 1929 by Evelyn Gibbs (1905 – 1991). The mark making and the way the ink was used it looks almost scratched at, and I find that the use of lines as shading and detail caught my eye/attention and I find this piece very inetersting.

Stephanie Rodgers (1979 -)
Reclining Female
Oil, 2001.
This piece caught my eye because of the colours used and application of paint. It is a beautiful piece of work.

Next I went to the second gallery and had a look at:

The British Print From Hayter to Hockney 1960 – 1980.

I really enjoy the process of Printmaking, especially etching. I find the different mark making processes enjoyable, and also the really hands on approach to making the art work and not knowing if its going to work until the plate is printed. The whole process for me is exciting.

Stanley William Hayter 1901 – 1988
Engraving with soft ground etching, 1953.

The lines and marks in this piece caught my attention, there is so much fine detail in the lines and mark making once you get close enough to the artwork to see it all. The colours also draw you in.

I was also drawn to a piece of Hockneys work:
David Hockney 1937 –
One Night
Illustration for Fourteen Poems from C.P Cavafy

Etching, 1966

The simplicity of the lines and actual image and how clear the message is through the illustration makes you think about how powerful just clear lines can be on their own without colour or need for detail.


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