Age of Princes: Commission.

Recently I have been asked to do a commission for some Illustrations for the National Library of Wales. The project is this:

The Age of the Princes education project is a joint effort between The National Library of Wales, The National Museum of Wales, Cadw and The Royal Commission.  It is a non-profit project and the educational packs will be uploaded to the Hwb website for teachers.  The images we’d like to use within the packs would be more cartoon-like, we are open to suggestions but colorful images work well for a younger audience, and mainly of knights, princes, the taeogion (the poor people) a stone castle, a battle scene and a feast

The first 5 I’ve been asked to do are:

  • A Norman Stone Castle.
  • Landscape of: How Wales Used to Look Before the Normans.
  • Y Cyfarwydd      (The Storyteller)
  • Milwyr o Gymru     (Welsh Soldiers)
  • How the Welsh used to fight the Normans.

I am very excited to start this commission, the history of the topics really interest me and the process of it so far has been very smooth. The staff at the National Library are very welcoming and friendly and have helped lots already! My first meeting with them last week went well, I had refrences to look at and draw inspiration from.

Time to start sketching!



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