Final No.3.

Here is my Final No.3 for the Illustrations of Kolbeinn and the Devil.

In this scene, Kolbeinn is holding the knife (which he had just pulled from his pocket) behind his back ready to hold it up to the Devil’s eye in hope to startle him and win the wager.

I have used the technique of stippling (dots or dotting) in this piece, with a bright flash of colour using blue ink. The fine liners I use are Derwent Graphik : Line Maker, and I used the 0.2 for this piece. The piece measures roughly 21 cm x 24cm.

This was my second try of doing this particular piece, as the first I felt the tones and shading were not quite right but also the draswing of the hand itself was off and not quite right. In the this version the dots are tighter and the piece seems more organized and pleasing to look at. I am also happy with how the hand looks. The aim was draw the attention into that specific action/moment in time and I hope it creates an anticipation of what is going to happen next, to make the viewer look through my images.



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