Artist Inspiration: Gustave Dore.

Gustave Dore is the artist that inspired my third year Illsutration work the most due to the use of line as shading. Although he was a printmaker and I prefer to use my inks and pens for my illustrations. The detail in his work is really intense and I find the pieces very interesting to … Continue reading Artist Inspiration: Gustave Dore.


Iceland Trip: Day 1 & 2.

October / November 2016. Day 1: Travel, travel, travel! Wake up early to drive 4/5 hours to Manchester Airport to catch the flight to Keflavik, Iceland. Then picked up the hire car to get us to the hotel in Reykjavik. Took us alittle longer to get there because Doms was getting used to driving on … Continue reading Iceland Trip: Day 1 & 2.