Third Year Illustration: My Project.

For my project I chose 5 story’s to illustrate and each story is going to have 5 illustrations.

The story’s are from the books:

  • A Traveller’s Guide To Icelandic Folk Tales by Jon R.Hjalmarsson.
  • Icelandic Folk Tales & Legends by Jacqueline Simpson foreword by Magnus Magnusson.

The stories are:

  • The Woman and the Seal Skin / The Seals Skin
  • Kolbeinn and the Devil
  • The Troll-Wife of Prestagil / The Ogress of Mjoafjord
  • Trunt, Trunt and the Trolls in the Fells
  • The Elfin Fisherman

Here’s a really brief description of the story’s/ key point of what happens in them.

The Woman and the Sealskin:          Man walking across cliffs – early morning. Come to a cave – saw the sealskins outside. Picked 1 up and took it home, locked it away in a chest. Later that day he passed that way again and see’s a woman weeping naked on the beach. He gave her clothes and took her home. She was always looking out to see. They married and had children. Years later she found the key to the chest and looked inside, she found the skin. She said her goodbyes and went to see never to be seen again. When the man would go out fishing a seal swam around the boat tears in its eyes, he always had a good catch. Valuables would wash ashore when the children walked along the beach, she would also stay at eye line and throw seashells to them. She never came ashore again.

Kolbeinn and the Devil:     The Devil made a wager with Kolbeinn the glacier poet. They were both to sit on the cliff under the glacier when surf was at its wildest & exchange versus. The devil was to say 2 lines and Kolbeinn to finish then they were to swap roles for the first part of the night. The one who could not complete the verse was to jump off the cliff and from that day be at the mercy of the other. The moon was shrouded in cloud and the night was growing old. Kolbeinn took a knife from his pocket and held it to the devils eye, the edge seemed to touch the moon. The Devil couldn’t finish the verse and he fell off the cliff into the waves. Kolbeinn was never challenged again.

The Troll Wife Of Prestagil:    There was a gorge where the troll wife lived. She would go to the nearest church and when the pastor was in the pulpit the troll would wave her hand outside the pulpit window. The pastor goes mad and runs to the gorge  never to be seen again. A traveler was passing by and he saw the troll wife eating thee pastors skull. He then went to the village and told everyone of what he saw.No more priests would go to that church and then the last pastor available instructed everyone on what to do if he started acting strange. The trolls hand appeared in the window again and the priest tried to run out of church but was held down by the villagers, they rang the bell and the troll ran away leaving a massive hole in the wall along with her shoe. It is said that whenever the church wall is fixed that part will crumble/fall down no matter what.

Trunt, Trunt and the Trolls in the Fells:     The men were in the mountains gathering moss. At night they slept in tents one man was asleep and the  other awake, the sleeping man waled out and the awake one followed him they were heading towards the glaciers. A giant troll sat with its arms stretched out and hands crossed drawing the asleep man in. He runs straight into its arms as the other man runs away. One year later the moss gatherers see the man and he looks wild. Another year later and the moss gatherers see the man and looks completely like a troll.

The Elfin Fisherman:   A man goes fishing with terrible luck, when he on his way home he sees a man with a fallen horse stuck in the mud and helps him. They discover that they are neighbors and start a friendship. Every fishing day he would wait for his neighbor to pass first then set out to sea.They would always have good fortune fishing. One morning perfect for fishing, there was no sign of his neighbor, so he set off without his neighbor and all the boats were gone from the harbor. A terrible storm occurred when out at sea and all the boats were lost apart from his one. That night when he arrived home safe he dreamt of his neighbor and that he told him he would never see him again for not listening to his advice. He saved his life that day but from then on had terrible luck again when fishing.




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