The work of Bernie Wrightson has stuck with me since the beginning of University. I was in life drawing one day and my tutor saw my lines and pens I was using and told me to look up this artist as i’d find him interesting as well as inspirational. So I went home and straight on the laptop to have a look. I went straight to his official website and was completely captivated.

The use of fine  lines in his work was something I was trying to achieve with my own. I then found his Frankenstein works which I fell in love with. At this time I was Illustrating Frankenstein  by Mary Shelly so found the work to be very inspirational. I was constantly looking at his use of line for a very long time. Even now looking at his work still makes me want to push myself in the field of illustration to be the best I possibly can be.

If you would like to look through his website and learn more about this incredible artist here’s his webpage! :



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