Third Year Illustration: My Project.

This year, my final year, I am specializing in Illustration, with the aim to become a book illustrator.

My project this year:

My main ideas were to explore myths, legends and folklore or alternatively focusing solely on the Vikings as I did with my final project last year in Illustration. I decided I wanted to base my work on my travels, and at the end of October I was off to Iceland for a week. I honed in my ideas and started doing a little research on Icelandic myths and legends and found that they believed in all sorts of things such as elves, trolls, mermaids etc.

Icelandic Beliefs: Gnomes, Elves, Hidden people, Ghosts, Fairies, Dwarves, Lovelings, Mountain Spirits, Angels, Sprites. 

I started off by reading three books :

  • Lonely Planets guide to Iceland.
  • Icelandic Folktales & Legends : Magnus Magnusson & Jaqueline Simpson.
  • A Traveller’s Guide To Icelandic Folk Tales.

From here I did research into the meaning of words such as Legends, Myths, Story’s, to see if anything popped out or if another route for my research and project emerged.

I was very inspired by the different story’s in the books and decided to choose 1 from every section (elves, mermaids, trolls etc) In total I found 5 story’s that really stood out and captured my imagination.

Now I have to draw up concept designs and other processes which I will show later in the blog and document my progress of all the stages it takes to make the illustrations.



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