Printmaking this semester Etching & Lithography.

My work has been based on the things I collect and find on my beach walks along Cardigan Bay. My work was influenced by my project in Interdisciplinary Studio Practice which was walking, mapping, documenting and archiving.

Once i had all the shells and found bits of tile and glass etc I photographed each one for documentation and also sketched a few of them. I have done alot of research with this project looking into things like what shells are, all the different types most likely to find in Wales, ecosystems, biodiversity and so on.

I have done many plates this semester in etching. I have done: A copper plate. Coffee and Spit Bite etch on Aluminium, Electro Etch on Steel and 2 Dry Point Etch on Aluminium. My Lithograhy stone was quite big and i filled it with drawings of different shells. Once printed I went back to the stone and added more on instead of doing a new stone/starting over I felt like I could get more from my stone. I regret not trying out Lithograph Plates.




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