Artist Statement.

Based on my Second Year work at University.

My Printmaking work is based on what I collect and find on my beach walks. I have taken this process from my Interdisciplinary Studio Practice which focused on collecting, documenting, archiving and mapping. I pinpointed the beaches on Cardigan Bay for this project and researched into the ecosystems, what could be found, biodiversity, each section of beach.I have used the methods of Etching with Copper plates, Dry point on Aluminium and also tried a Steel plate etching with electricity. I have also done some Lithography Stones. I also photographed and documented every collected object keeping a record in my sketchbook.Each print is an illustration of my collected objects and a few scenes of the place in which they were found. It started to become more about what they were and the science and the ecosystems surrounding each object rather than say a pretty looking shell, for me it had a deeper meaning due to all the research I had done.

My Illustration work is a collection of set projects all based on storytelling and novels apart from one which is keeping a sketchbook which I take with me everywhere and draw either in pencil or pen what I am seeing and observing around me.‘What’s he Building in There’ is a project based on our interpretations of the song by Tom Waits. Aberystwyth Book is a project of 3 Film Noir illustrations based on an Aber book of our choosing by Malcolm Pryce, I chose ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being in Aberystwyth’. Dust Cover project we chose a novel from a list of authors given to us, I chose ‘The Castle of Otranto’ by Horace Walpole. And finally the Handmade Book project, which we chose our own book to illustrate and make however we please. I chose ‘Ragnar Lodbrok Saga’ by Chris Van Dyke and I bound it with leather. I chose this because I have an interest in Vikings and Norse mythology and gods.The materials I have used are ink pens, ink and dip pen, gouache. My preferred method of working is with Graphik pens either shading using stippling or cross-hatching with lines that vary in thickness.Although they are set projects we are allowed our own interpretations and way of presenting what is in our mind when we think of the project. For me my favourite has been making my handmade book from scratch doing 8 illustrations, figuring out the fonts, printing it all out then learning how to bind books which I used leather for to make it look aged because of the Viking story I was Illustrating. I enjoy the hands on method of working and also having my work all around me on the walls.


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